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Thread: Announcing the 3.7i

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    I listened to the 3.7i while visiting Jacksonville this past Monday. The 3.7i's are first of all - beautiful! However, can anyone confirm the narrow sweet spot with these speakers? I mean, the display had a small couch enough for about two grown men comfortably. Each of us heard the speaker closest to us predominately. I surrendered my seat and let my friend take the center of the couch and I sat in a chair directly behind him and the speakers came into immediate focus. The sound stage wasn't as large as I had expected. The room was fairly large and seemed to be well treated. Ayre monoblocks powered the system. Could the room treatments very well be blocking the back wave of the 3.7i's - making the sound stage smaller?

    P.S. If any of you are in Jacksonville - check out House of Stereo! Some very nice people in there!!!

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    The sweet spot of large Magnepan's yields a listening spot of one or two seats. The speakers are like a large lens, and the sweet spot is the focal point. Clear focus in a small spot only, when optimally setup.

    In the sweet spot, is the only place to sit, and get the full effect. That is the nature of all large panel speakers. The soundstage is large, but only when sitting in the sweet spot.

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    I just sent my 3.7's back to Magnepan this week for the "i" upgrade and will report back when I receive them.

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