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Jul 27, 2019
We‘ve met Zeilers the first time at a little hifi show in Switzerland called „Klangschloss“. What we heard there was different to other exhibitors. They let the audience choose the music and did not only play jazz, blues, classical, but also techno, rock and music that one would rather expect in a club or a bar. It was fun to see some visitors start dancing. We found this „jukebox-experience“ very likeable and stayed for around an hour to listen to these very nice looking and sounding pre and power amplifier (speakers weren’t finished back then, so they used their private Lockwood Major).
In Munich we popped in once more to their little showroom in H3 and stuck there again a long while. Ralf managed to finish the loudspeakers just in time for the fair. His amps + ls are perfectly matched. The synergy was definitely better than with the Majors (although I love them). It sounded very live like, well resolved, better bass and dynamics. We were having a good time with the Zeilers so we decided to set up a meet up when we were back home in Zurich
In July we were invited to Zeiler Audio in Kilchberg ZH. It was a great evening with Ralf and his wife. Excellent music quality, delicious food and extremely pleasant company. Very nice amplifiers in industrial design, the speakers are kept simple and suitable for living rooms. If you’re not yet familiar with Zeiler Audio, check it - it’s really something special. I’m just a listener not a tech guy, for product infos please check https://www.zeiler.audio.


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Unfortunately, there is no information about loudspeakers on the homepage.

The design of amp and preamp is very appealing! I'd like to listen to them - if I ever have a little time for that.
One of the most enjoyable evenings I’ve spent all year, lovely people and gracious hosts!!

Greetings from Switzerland, David.
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Unfortunately, there is no information about loudspeakers on the homepage.

The design of amp and preamp is very appealing! I'd like to listen to them - if I ever have a little time for that.
The speakers are a kind of a modern interpretation of the Altec and Tannoy studio monitors of the 1960s/70s, also with a 15-inch coax chassis and 97dB efficiency.
I just stumbled over this nice review :cool:


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What I wanted to say with my last post:

The speakers are now on the homepage. Very interesting. 97 db and 8 Ohm impedance minimum, so perfectly suitable for SE. They have a wide frequency range and even look good.

In the meantime, I have been able to convince myself of the quality of the electronics. I am amazed and delighted. Really good.
while I wasn't thrilled with their speaker (seemed very midrange centric), their amps are interesting.

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