YG Carmel 3


Mar 11, 2024
East Coast
Just arrived upgrade from YG Carmel 2.

I have an initial instinct on these but will wait for them to break in next few days before I weigh in. I have not seen any feedback on the internet on these so I thought I would compare to YG Carmel 2. Stay tuned
So far after 12 hours; the YG Carmel 2 was/is a really special speaker. It’s elegant, refined and sophisticated with real soul and musicality.

However, YG 3 is clearly at least 50%-75% better. It seems to take everything the YG 2 had but clearly is the “grown up adult” and YG 2 the “child”.

More control, more presence and dominance, more command of the room and of course transparency and detail. Look forward to having them settle in
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