WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? Trailer (2018) - Mr. Fred Rogers Documentary

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We saw this documentary this afternoon. All I can say is that it was terrific. A 94 minute documentary on Fred Rogers. All my kids were brought up on Mr Rogers and I thought I knew a lot about the show but there are some facts about the show that are truly remarkable.

The documentary is filled with vignettes from the actors and producers of the show that filled in all of the missing pieces. There were allegations that he was gay yet I never believed that and it was clearly negated in the film. He also had a gay actor on the show that Fred was aware of but he told him that while on the show he could never "come out" or frequent gay bars because the network would fire him

It shows his interaction with kids about most of life's little tragedies and how he humanizes them. It shows him with Coco the gorilla as they washed their feet together and Coco said she loved him.

His speeches at graduation ceremonies were always monumental and it was stirring to watch the grads come up to him and hugged him as they told him that they grew up watching him

All in all it was terrific to watch. I was stunned that on the day of his memorial service before the funeral (died of stomach cancer in 2003) that there were people across the street with signs calling him faggot and that he lied to our kids etc. That was painful to watch

Short and sweet at 94 minutes but definitely worth the watch. In the end you come away knowing that he was truly a remarkable human being.
Aug 6, 2012
Milford, Michigan
We saw this about a month ago as requested by my wife. I had never seen an episode of his show yet still found the documentary very interesting.

I guess some people will never want to live in a Neighborhood such as Mr. Rogers.

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