wireless mic problem


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Apr 4, 2019
Hi guys i am new on here so forgive me if i am a bit slow starting lol
please help with my problem below
i have two camcorders and two wireless lav mic systems
i am wanting to mic up bride and groom at a wedding but the problem is that the bride wont want a mic on her
is there a way i can use the one lav mic system i have to pick up both bride and groom on the two cameras without putting a mic on the bride
I would be grateful for any advise to resolve this problem thank you
Lavalier mics are designed to be used at close range. If you boost the gain on one, say on the groom, to pick up the bride, the groom will likely be overwhelming loud and the bride still hard to hear.

The best way to send a mic output to two sources is with a small pre-amplifier or mixer to boost the signal without splitting the mic cable (noise, etc.) In your case, the output of the wireless receiver (assuming there is one and it is at line level and you are not talking about a wireless receiver inside each camera) could go to a Y cable then to two cables, one to each camera.

The usual way is to place a single mic, perhaps a stereo mic or stereo pair, on a boom stand or hung from above (small choir mics work well and are fairly unobtrusive) to capture the vows and such. Overhead works best as you get roughly equal pick-up of preacher, bride, and groom. That mic would go to a preamp/mixer and then to the camera, or mix the audio and video later.

Finally, finally because I consider this the last resort, a single mic hung a little low on the preacher's chest can pick up the preacher (loudly) and bride and groom when they are speaking to him (her, whatever). When I have had to do this I try to position them so that the bride and groom turn maybe 30-45 degrees toward the preacher when exchanging vows to pick them up a little better. It sometimes works at the rehearsal, but in the ceremony they usually forget and stare straight at each other like nothing else matters (wonder why that is :) ). I ask the preacher to step a little closer to them to catch the vows and that usually works.

Compressors (AGC) helps; some people get loud when nervous, some get soft, and years of doing weddings (in the past) left me never quite sure how it was going to go on "The Day".

Congrats to the happy couple!

HTH - Don

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