Wilson Watt Series 1 woofers


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May 27, 2022
I have an early pair of Watts, series 1, serial numbers 255 and 256, so early production run. Crazy build though, huge thick wiring, dead cabinet, damping,etc.
I have replaced the tweeters with brand new Focals through Wilson, took a year to get them in with the pandemic and all that’s going on in the world but they work and sound great.
So playing some Don Henley record last night and first a buzz then a dead woofer. So while checking it out I touched the cone and music started playing again. Finger off, no music.
Any idea what it could be? Maybe a voice coil or faulty wiring perhaps? I have an inquiry into Wilson Audio about the woofers and hopefully it can be fixed as I really don’t want to buy new ones as I’m sure they are expensive. The 2 tweeters were $1000 so I can imagine the woofers would be priced up there as well.
Any suggestions on what course I should take? Im open to try just about anything.
Regards to all.

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