Whest Titan Pro vs Others


Jun 4, 2013
I am in the process of buying a phonostage. I use a Tannoy Turnberry with Audio Note Conquest SET so there is already enough warmth in the system to boot. For the phonostage I am considering Whest Titan Pro, FM Acoustics 122 mk2 and Anamighty Le Phono. Has anyone heard the Whest Titan ?
May 24, 2017
I haven't heard the Titan Pro but I did have the Whest Ref V. I thought it was quite good - very quiet, very deep bass, very 3D - but it did sound a bit mechanical and colourless. I have been through quite a few phono stages over the years - Tom Evans, EAR, Einstein, Brinkmann, Trilogy, Aurorasound Vida and others - but haven't heard the other two on your list. The best solid state phono stage I have heard (and still own) is the Naim Superline/Supercap. If you are open to valves, the Tron Seven is also excellent.

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