What's Spinning Tonight?

Jacob Collier, Djesse

Genius, precocious talent, posh kid? You tell me.
His new album, part 1 of 4 is stunning in its scope. Part pop, part classical, part theatrical, with that Jules Buckley signature sound I love.
Some of the deapest bass notes I’ve heard from my system too.

Worth an hour of your time .
His gig from the proms last year was incredible.

Wow, what a coincidence! I was just browsing Tidal new arrivals in Roon, and that came up... Saw it had "Every little thing she does is magic" and hit play... I liked it!
Off to play the rest of the album...
Songs:Ohia ?– Travels In Constants. This has gotta be just about the best reissue in 2018. Molina released 2 singles back in 2001 - Travels In Constants - 17.36 and Howler - 13: 06. Now both are released on vinyl for the first time and put on the same release. Haunting, brilliant, sad, reflective and the 30 minutes seems over in less than 10. Love it. RIP Jason.

Analog Productions 45 RPM “This One’s for Blanton”


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Via Tidal

Prince ?– 3121. ripper 2006 album - boot copy - sounds very good actually. I see Prince's albums Musicology, 3121 and Planet Earth are being released Feb 19th next year. Can't wait
photos so far have it as coloured vinyl
hopefully there will be black vinyl and Burnie Grundman doing the mastering - but who knows what Sony is going to do.

open one's mind to new music

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Just received this album..a complimentary from Mr.T. Super clean vinyl. Heard only one single pop from the whole side A.

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Excellent performance. The kind of album that you listen and move your head along unknowingly while multi-tasking.

Timbuk 3 "Eden Alley"

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