VPI Anniversary HW-40 direct drive TT


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Apr 25, 2014
Just wanted to post a bit of feedback on this TT as we had it in-house for about a week for demos. It came to us with the new gimbal arm and the new Van den hul Black Crimson cartridge. The result was really superb with depth, punch and drive. There was no dryness that can sometimes be heard with lesser DD and/or friction drive systems. Very nicely structured and deep soundstage and great tonality (no doubt assisted by the Crimson cart and Silvaweld phonostage we were using). The biggest strengths were the soundstage, bass depth and control and sense of drive to the music... Transparency and tonality were also strong points although I think these were also heavily governed by the cart/phono. While this might (or might not) be up to the highest level, it is definitely punching well in the under 25K class and should definitely be considered against the belt drives in this class and the other DDs.
In what manner would you say that it bettered the GT 2000 specifically? A GT 2000 owner would like to know what the next frontier of DD sounds like.

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