vinyl upgrades; Dava, FCL tone arm, EMIA silver Phono Corrector, MC Trio

three-TTs.jpg i've finished my digital push....and been working on a few odds and ends to fine tune my vinyl. had my 3 tt's for 3 years now, thought long and hard about consolidating the 3 into one 'big-boy' tt, but at the end of the day have decided that the three tt's cover state of the art vinyl rotating and so they are all keepers. i like what each does too much, and nothing else enough, to change. i will likely sell my 4th tt, the EMT948 i got a year ago, as i'm rarely listening to it.

a month ago i ordered the DaVa Ref (field coil) cartridge and did post about that. it's still approximately 3 months away. so May. it will replace one of my 3 Etsuro Gold MC's.

i've been working on a new tone arm for the last couple of months, and did finally order the 12" Primary Control FCL (field coil) tone arm last week. that's also scheduled to arrive in May. my initial plan was to combine the DaVa field coil cart with the field coil arm. but i've learned that is not a good idea. that arm/cart combo not synergistic. so the DaVa will be mounted on one of my Durand Tosca's. the FCL arm will then have one of my Etsuro Gold's.

right now, the plan is to mount the FCL arm on the Wave Kinetics NVS, and keep the Tosca on the Saskia with the Dava cart. but i will have arm boards for both arms, for both turntables. so i can play around with the best combinations. my goal is to have the best jazz/blues arm/cart combo on the Saskia, and the best classical/pop combo on the NVS to compliment the CS Port linear tracker for classical/pop. the Durand Telos which now has my Miyajima Infinity mounted will be moving on, and my other Tosca will now do both my Infinity Mono carts.

lastly; i have ordered today the EMIA Phono Corrector in silver, with 2 power supplies. it will hopefully be here in late April. it will replace my CS Port phono. once the DaVa cartridge arrives; Dave Slagle will work with me to identify the best SUT as a match for it, and Dave will then combine that SUT with a silver SUT for both Etsuro Gold's into an EMIA MC Trio. i'll trade my current pair of silver 1:10 EMIA SUT's in on the MC TRIO. so the Phono Corrector will service all three cartridges, leaving the mono carts for the darTZeel phono. the MC Trio will also have a mono switch, so i can use it for the mono's if i like.

to help pay for all these items, i'll be selling the EMT 948 with Durand Kairos arm, one Etsuro Gold, the CS Port phono, and one of my Studer A-820's (without the head switch and with 1/4" and 1/2" guides and head blocks) i have not been using. so there will be some pain, but not crazy amounts of it. it will be a few months, but i can ride off into the sunset once these things are in place and dialed in.

at least it's a plan. and checks have been written.
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IME the main reason for records to gain static charge is anti-static brushes (besides humidity and earth’s natural magnetization). -Against all the advertisements- when you use anti-static brush it works like a static charging device, especially when the record is on the platter. If you’re using furutech or similar destat device before brushing then you’re erasing it’s effect by charging records with static again. Using destat while record sitting on platter also diminishes the effect.

Yes, many record brushes can increase static on a record through friction, but not all do.

There is a modern fiber invented by Mitsubshi named COREBRID and described as a "core-in-sheath acrylic fiber" (ref). It has an acrylic outer sheath with an interior that can be a variety of materials. One of those interiors is conductive carbon particles and that product is COREBRID B.

Two manufacturers use this fiber in record brushes: Furutech and Analog Relax. Both have the fiber in contact with metal in their handle and operate using what's known as the corona discharge mechanism (ref). The idea is to hold or touch the metal handle while you hold the brush and touch something metal with your other hand (rack, lamp,etc.) Hold the conductive fibers against a record rotating on the platter. Touching metal with your free hand creates a 'circuit' to discharge the static electricity built up on the record. Simple and it does work.

I've tried both products. The Furutech brush has long flexible fibers that are hard to press to the record which leads to more of a broom-like sweeping affect. I do not find it particularly effective for removing dust. The Analog Relax brush has short stiff fibers that are 0.03mm thick which allows the fibers at least partly into the groove. You press it against the record while it rotates and it does a fine job of removing both dust and static in a couple rotations. You can also hold the record to brush it though record handling can be dicey. The Analog Relax brush is on A'zon but pricey - better prices on ebay. The Furutech ASB-1 from whomever sells Furutech and is typically $100 more than the Analog Relax.

I also use a small UV flashlight to see dust on records and check the results from cleaning, brushing and destat. There is a lot more dust than meets the naked eye. I use the Alonefire SV003.


Two manufacturers use this fiber in record brushes: Furutech and Analog Relax.
I tried Furutech brush a couple of times it’s not effective to remove dust due to long fibers as you’ve said. I wasn’t aware of Analog Relax brush. thanks for the info.
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My 3rd anti-static device arrived today, another CS Port IME1. This one has the cable that can plug directly into the CS Port LFT1 tt power supply. So a little more tidy install. So all three tt’s are equipped, the Saskia/Tosca/DaVa now has one for the first time. Playing the first side now, a Schubert Symphony on Philips. It’s better, too soon to go further. the system, tt and cartridge are not yet warmed up.

Normally I would only have one anti-static device on at a time. All three are on for you to see it, the green lights. the lights are indicators only, so you don't leave the units on accidently.

CBB99624-2841-49F0-96A2-EA938693EBAB.jpeg D59E4B87-894C-4AD0-9AAD-36B6A19D0A66.jpeg 09AC5C40-F00D-4A0D-9A47-EF9171267A54.jpeg
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