Vintage LUXMAN turntable PD-444 - my saga

photo credit Dagogo RMAF 2008

When we first started importing LUXMAN back in 2007, they had not manufactured a turntable for 25+ years. I thought what the heck, so I bought (personally) a used PD-444 on eBay and was delighted with its condition. I turned to vintage LUXMAN turntable expert Sean Casey at Zu Audio who very generously helped me with the tonearm mounting brackets as well as rewired the SME 3012 tonearm and glued the headshell in place. The Zu modified Denon 103 is a rare bargain in today's unaffordable high-end, I was delighted with its performance. I am assured that today's Zu 103 performance has been much improved since 2008. I mounted the Zu 103 in a modern Triplanar. Since then we started importing the LUXMAN PD-171 and I learnt that the Luxman turntables really thrive on a well designed mechanical isolation platform.

Sadly, my PD-444 currently needs service, but I will post some more up to date photos once its service is complete. Once I apply the knowledge I gained from the PD-171 back in to the PD-444, I don't doubt that we'll get even higher performance than before.

Do you have a vintage LUXMAN you would like to share with us ?


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Apr 20, 2010
Pleasanton, CA
Supposed to be real winners, made for Luxman by Micro Seiki. Get a good sample in working condition and you have become an honorable antiquarian.

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