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saw this film yesterday. Far from a good movie and obviously not written by a Republican as the movie at times was difficult to watch as it shows many of the key players of the time as complete boobs. Sam Rockwell as George W Bush was an uncanny look alike but it showed him totally drunk and obnoxious at his father's party.

The movie pushed the theme of an unitary administration where Bush and Cheney were tantamount to running the country together, yet it also showed how Cheney and his team intercepted emails and briefings every morning before they were even read by the POTUS. It also suggests that the real person running the country and certainly fighting the Iraqi war was Cheney not Bush

Amy Adams as his wife was a solid role as was that of Steve Carell. There were times were there were cartoon type scenes used to prove the point of the power of Cheney

The movie was long at 2'15" and dragged a lot in places

So having said all of this was there anything good about this movie? Simply put Christian Bale nails this role. The make up and costumes were so convincing as were the facial mannerisms of Bale that one swears they are looking at and listening to Dick Cheney. Bale will for sure be nominated for his role and previously my front runner was Ravi Malek as Freddy Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody which also remains my favorite movie of the year. However Christian Bale gave a memorable performance and so far for me it is between Malek and Bale with Malek still getting my nod

Lots of tongue in cheek and satire to this film, so much so that as said, it was difficult at times to watch. A perfect example was Cheney talking to Bush about how he has to get involved and bring down Saddam Hussein which was portrayed as hook, line and sinker as Cheney reels in Bush to his line of thinking

George W was portrayed as a boob in the film with Cheney and his team controlling the office of the president.

If for no other reason the movie is worth seeing just to see Ble in the role of Cheney

Rated only 66% on MRQE

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