Under$ 1K electrostatic Headphones


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Apr 20, 2010
Metro DC
Dynamic headphones and planar magnetic headphones are very good and usually reasonable priced IMO electrostatic headphones remain the pinnacle of performance..
My first hi-fi headphone was the Koss Pro 4A. I don't remember how much they cost. I then stumbled on the Stax Model l5. I never owned them but they did acquaint me with what headphones were capable of doing.
I see Koss makes the es 950. It appears I ma going to have to purchase them from someone with a liberal return policy. An in store demonstration is unlikely for my area. They are available on Amzon for $899.
If you experience with them please share it here.


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Apr 20, 2010
Pleasanton, CA
Koss stats are supposed to be more than decent and have a fan club. I remember when you could get a used set with energizer for about $350 on ebay, but price of stats spiked after that. There are adapters that allow you to use them with STAX stuff, too.

So, after all that blather, no, I have never heard one.

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