Two VAC Statement 452 IQ MusicBlocs - The Keystone To My Bucket List System


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May 25, 2010
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One more addition to finally hopefully finish this amazing system, 8 CMS LS 1.5 speakers and awaiting the design of the cradle for the underside of my VSA Ultra 9's, which Leif and Damon will install when they come in June for a long overdue visit. Well, I waited for 1,800 hours for the amps to break-in, so another month for the footers to stabilize should not be too hard!!!!! That's my story for today, but of course subject to change for no good reason at all:)
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Sep 8, 2020
It is Thursday, New Year's Eve and my sound has changed so much since Monday. There have been a couple of short dips followed by improvement. Last night the sound was expanding down my side walls avery 10 minutes. I now have about 300 hours on the amps

I am big CMS footer fan, but their breakin is a total pain and lasts for at least 14 days if not 21. My amps are on an area rug and on day 3 and I put four 1.5 CMS footers under each. When I had the VAC 450IQ Stereo in the center on the rug on the footers (4 under the power supply and another 4 under the amplifier section (stacked on top of the power supply with good result). I then put a 2 inch thick piece of slate under them and had an immediated and dramatic improvement.

Since I now have two amps the slate does not work, so I had 2 3/4 thick stainless steel plates fabricated, which have about 6 coats of black enamel paint on them for looks and damping. About an hour ago I moved the amps onto the plates, each with 4 1.5 footers under the chassis, not the amp outrigger feet.

While I went somewhat backwards sonically, it was not as bad as a totally new install, although as I am writing this, the bass has disappeared and the soundstage has collapsed (typical CMS breakin stages). So I will probably not report for at least another 150 hours or 2 weeks, which ever sounds better.

I have attached two pictures to demonstrate my craziness
Stunning speakers and amplifiers.would love to hear this system.

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