TRINNOV VS DATASAT RS20i (Sounds Quality question )

Jan 20, 2019
Los Angeles

I am trying to find the best sound quality solution for my 2.1 STEREO system ( JBL 4350 with Boulder amps) and currently I am using the RS20i as my processor / dac,
but I am also looking into the TRINNOV ST2 or Amethyst as well , as these units all do 2-way with another 2 channels for SUB integration which is what I am looking for ,
and TRINNOV does support EXTERNAL clock ( I am thinking to do the Antelope 10MX ) which I find is beneficial on my other digital sources , TRINNOV for sure has the upper hand for the ease of calibration and its very user friendly , but how is the sound quality compared to RS20i ? I am also thinking of using another EXTERNAL HIGH QUALITY DAC eg( FORSSELL DAC ) and just let
either RS20i using DIRAC LIVE or TRINNOV as EQ processing only and leave the DAC ( With external clocking ) to enhance the SQ , Basically looking for the best possible EQ
2 Channel Solution here ! PLEASE PLEASE Pitch in all your expertise here ! love to hear from you all !

I really don't believe a system with EQ of some sort , coz I always tell friends, what you can hear ! you CAN'T Hear ! a +/- 10db SYSTEM is not acceptable to me !
but again correct me if I am wrong just trying to be heading the right path !
Cheers !


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Jun 18, 2011
Hong Kong
Is there a Trinnov dealer nearby for you to listen to its operation and effect?

Any chance of home demo or letting you to bring your Datasat to the dealer for a comparison?
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Apr 21, 2010
Near Atlanta, GA but not too near!
I currently own a Trinnov (not the ST2 or Amethyst but the Altitude) and previously owned a Datasat RS20i. You said: "TRINNOV for sure has the upper hand for the ease of calibration and its very user friendly". That is simply incorrect, and in fact, the complete opposite of reality. The RS20i has a far less complex user interface - FAR LESS.

Sound quality, if using the internal DACs and without running either Dirac in the RS20i or Room Optimizer in the Trinnov would be virtually indistinguishable.

And taking your Datasat to a Trinnov dealer will only be worthwhile if neither uses their respective room correction systems. Just way, way too many variables once those are included.

Once you get beyond that, I can't help. The use of PEQs, target curve choices, choice of mic positions, number of measurements, mic position weighting factors (Trinnov), etc all come into play. Way too many variables to be able to draw any meaningful conclusions. Both systems have the ability to work as external electronic crossovers for bi- or tri-amped speakers in addition to everything else they do.

If you did not already own the Datasat, and were looking at the two products, THEN I would recommend the Trinnov because it is the more flexible platform for high speaker count home theater applications given it is basically a Linux computer with a sophisticated user interface.

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