Top Wing Officially Launches in North America

Nov 19, 2015
Hutto TX

Top Wing, a Japanese manufacturer of Ultra High End Cartridges, officially launches in North America. Introducing a revolutionary new technology to the cartridge landscape, Coreless Straight-Flux, Top Wing aims to take cartridge design to levels not previously thought possible.

As its name suggests, the Coreless Straight-Flux system has no core material, with the left and right coils arranged in a V shape pattern directly above the magnet. The stylus tip picks up the fluctuations in magnetic flux produced by the fine sound record grooves and transmits them directly and thus accurately. Unlike MC cartridges in which the output line of the coil moves irregularly within the magnetic flux, the output line in the Coreless Straight-Flux system is unaffected by such fluctuations. Moreover, a rubber damper adjusted for optimum recording reproduction enhances compliance.

Awards have been non-stop in their domestic market winning “Best Of” and “Technology of the Year” with the introduction of their first cartridge Seiryu, or Blue Dragon. Weighing in at a whopping 12 grams of solid Ultra Duralumin, the Seiryu controls resonance like no other. In addition, innovative Mitchaku Contact technology, developed by Fidelix, has been adopted for the headshell which comes with the cartridge (or can be mounted without). Clearly the Blue Dragon has been designed, manufactured and assembled using Japan’s most advanced technology

Seiryu was designed by Yasuhiro Noguichi, president of First Mechanical Design Corp. Now active in laser technology, a field in which ultra-high levels of precision are required, Mr. Noguchi was also involved in the design of the TX-1000 and Dragon CT players when at Nakamichi
RTS for the Seiryu is started Feburary 1st and the second cartridge the Suzaku or Red Sparrow is set to launch in early March.

Dealer inquires welcome.

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