Top 10 epic audio items in my audio history.


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Dec 9, 2018
Washington State, US
I had my first serious audio system on 1978.

Garrard turntable, ADS bookself speaker, Fisher Integrated amp(SS).

The following is top 10 epic products that had made me blown out.

1. Thiel speaker driven by Perreuax pre and power(200watts) on 1986
2. Apogee Duetta Sig speaker on 1989
3. Krell KSA 150 on1990
4. DCS Elgar Dac and CEC tl0x transport on 1998
5. Jadis 500 to drive B&W Notilus 800 on 1999
6. Silbatone SET amplifier with WE 300B made in 1940's on 2001
7. Lansche 4.1 speaker with plasma tweeter on 2007
8. Line Magnetic 508 SET on 2018
9. Stax 009s and Sr1a headphones on 2019
10. 1578 tube on 2020


1578 tube(6sn7 variant) makes my system full bodied with nice decay and with widest soundstage that I have had in my listening room.

It is a steal at 250$ that I had paid.

This was taken about 3 years ago. Except Lansche 4.1 speaker, Audio Note IC and SC cables, every major components had been replaced.
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Apr 20, 2010
Manila, Philippines
Hi Thomas can you tell me more about the 1578? It is the first I've heard of it.


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Apr 20, 2010
Manila, Philippines
Thank you I will read up on them :)


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Oct 11, 2023
West Wales
Recently I bought myself a Meridian 206 CD Player. I'd never been happy with sound of my first CD player a Marantz CD6000 OSE KI. It just sounded cold and a bit lifeless to me. That was in 2007. This year, because I thought the Marantz was not working I bought a secondhand Rotel from eBay. It was cheap. It was skipping a bit and it sounded very similar to the Marantz.
Then upgraditis bit me. I did hours of research and consideration.
I decided to try and find a Meridian 206. I found one on eBay, and bought it. After I recieved the player and set it up, it didn't work. The seller had neglected to check it before he sent it.
I returned it and found another. This one duly arrived and I set it up.
It was a revelation to me. The sound was heavenly. Could CDs sound this lovely. Not only did the sound suit me, I believe this player had not been used much. The condition is excellent, the drawer mechanism is smooth and quiet. It never misses a beat or fails to read a CD. Moreover, the remote control condition is so good and showing very little signs of use, that it helped to confirm my belief that the player has not been heavily used.
I then found a Meridian 508.20. This one sounds even better than the 206.
I have sent it to Britain's premier Meridian repair and service company for a full re-capping, new lasers and full service, even though it was playing faultlessly. The drawer was bumping a bit as it went in. Anyway, I personally love the sound of Meridian CDPs.

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