Tonearm re-wiring a full exchange of views would be appreciated

Dec 20, 2014
Dear WBF'ers

I have taken receipt of a Fidelity Research FR 64s. Given its' age thought I would get it re-wired and the questions are essentially:

1. Which wire?
2. Is it better to have a straight through to plugs wire, or a base termination? I have always pondered how much signal is lost via the plugs.
3. What is the science/ reasoning for terminating at base and then having a separate tonearm cable
4. What about cryogenic cable treatment?

At present I am considering an Ikeda silver cable to terminate at the arm base - I don't think they do a through cable.

I would very much appreciate your opinions and views



Uk Paul

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Sep 27, 2012
Pretty much all the questions I asked myself when re-wiring my SAEC 506, probably from the same era as your FR..

I decided to stay with copper, as per SAEC, and again, used the 5 pin connector. Being able to disconnect the arm cable was useful for me, and I don't think there is much of a trade off if any at all sonically. Never got to try cryo though I did have discussions with a company about it. Max Townshend is a fan of cryo treatment and he is a good engineer and his cables are excellent..

Perhap's some other's will share some experience here?