The synergy of the new Conrad Johnson Classic One Twenty SE power amp and the new ET-7 preamp


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Hello friends,

Just wanted to tell you how happy I am using these fantastic new products from Conrad Johnson. My system is just sounding right! The detail, the transparency, the right size of the instruments, the holographic sense, there are no hoarseness at all in the voices, the right energy for dynamic contrast of the musical instruments and voices, the right timbre, the air between the musical instruments and voices...these toys are jewels to use!

Happy listening!

Big Dog RJ

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Feb 3, 2012
well done Roberto. and by the way, these cj amplifiers are definitely not "toys!"...

I am very interested in this combination you have especially with the CLX's. So far with Clx's, the main power amps have been solid state and not tubes. I am yet to listen to the Clx driven by a tol notch tube amp. even Audio research would help but no one here has this combination so far.
I think a lot of it is to do with budgets. The pricing for the new Classic 120 is nearly 15 grand in Aus therefore for that kind of spend, you can get superb solid state amps such as Pass Labs, McIntosh, Krell, PS Audio, Jeff Rowland, Mark Levinson, ARC, VTL and so on... then all you need is a good quality neutral sounding preamp to match. it doesn't have to be cj.
as I have stated before, the new cj line up is at a different league in pricing. The only so called affordable gear within reasonable prices are were the Classic preamps and the classic 60 amps, including the famous MV60.
The new line up from classic 62 and upwards starts at 8 grand!
US prices are still the lowest worldwide and second comes Singapore or Hongkong because of duty free but shipping and handling to destination is going to cost with additional customs charges...
My dealer mate whom I've known since 2004 selling cj gear in Melbourne, hasn't been able to get rid of the old stock as yet, simply because they are not competitive prices with the brands I mentioned above. The only person who would buy cj, is someone who already knows and appreciates the cj sound. no new person to high end audio would buy cj at such prices on this soil. for that kind of money there is plenty more available and they sound all equally good.
just the other weekend, I listened to a system comprising of the magneplanars MG3.7i driven with the Sanders Magtech amp and a locally made preamp. it sounded marvelous at a fraction of the cost of a cj pre-power combination. The Magtech amp was the same price as my speaker cable!

Anyway, I am sure you are enjoying your new toys with the Clx's, that is one superb sota system you have and one very fine system that you would probably ever need to fulfill your true satisfaction in recorded music.
Enjoy mate and have a good one!


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You are right RJ...but, as you are, I had tried a lot of different audio gear, and these two units did make a hell of a difference! My CLXs are singing as never before. I do truly love the quality sound. I think that you should spend more time with some gears and use a notebook with your findings for further comparisons. I assure you, C-J is one of best on the market place on these days. I do know that out there are many good brands too, cheaper or more expensive than C-J. The quality sound that I am getting is breathtaking, followed by goose bumps while you are listening those fantastic musician(s) that are in the recordings.
These babies belong to the big leagues. I do like them that much!
Happy listening!

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