The Sonus Faber SE


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Jan 4, 2016
That’s an amazing review. But I wish Jeff would have made some comparisons with competing brands so that we could understand better where these stand.


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Dec 26, 2010
Hopefully our very own Amadeus here can join this thread...he just got them and I spoken with him recently. He is positive enthralled with them. There is another member here who has the most spectacular system where the Sonus Fabers take prime position. I recall among other things, he has one of the very few complete HRS M3X isolation racks for everything in his system.


Jan 13, 2018
Yes i do own a pair of The Sonus Faber SE "Fenice" speakers they are to start whit very good looking a candy for the eyes and they stand in the room whit a kind of pride thats very promising before listening.

It takes time to place them in the room find the best place make the bass and midrange sound concentrated and powerful also on the back side there are two mini monitors whit a midrange and tweeter driver that called "soundfield shaper" you can move them to right and left and you can adjust the hight of the volume depending your room size and how far they are from the back wall.This is a real task and not done easily but if you find the ideal position of the speakers of the "soundfield shaper" and adjust the deep level bass they can disappear and give you a very live very big and very dynamic true soundstage.

In general there are no shortcomings of this speakers they can compete in bass ,midrange ,treble, soundstage and dynamic contrasts whit any speaker of any kind i have a electric problem sometimes of the day there is a lot of dirt on my electricity and the sound get stressed on those hours but some hours the system opens get relaxed and its as natural as real thing on those perfect hours the sonus faber se speakers sound like "Super Mono"!

Whit "Super Mono" i mean that the complete stereo sound feeling disappears all becomes one and the 3D level increases so much that it sounds like "Super Mono". Of course the rest of the system is also playing a important part of this sound they belong to each other and create together this level.

I am working on this electrical dirt problem so did i order a monster size Equi-Tech balanced isolation transformer and i am going to complete isolate my grounding system to best possible clean grounding i am working on that.

The only shortcoming/minus point of this speakers is despite the fact they are specified 92db sensitivity they need a lot of power to sound on full capacity by example many big reference quality speaker like Peak Consult Dragon Legend,Rockport Arrakis,Wilson Alexandria,Magico Q7, Tidal la Assoluta... you can drive them whit very high quality (!!!) SE Tube Amps of 50 watt easily The Sonus Faber Se you cant you really need minimum 100 watt class A to have them giving you Kick Ass.

I dont believe in the one and only the sonus faber Se speakers are not the only speakers on the planet that can reach this level but they surely belongs to the top ten in the world that can reach this level despite the price some in this top ten are even 2 up to 3 times higher priced.......


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Dec 26, 2010
Congrats! Sounds amazing! When you have some time, would be curious to know what differences you have found between your original Peak Consult Dragons and the Sonus Faber SE.


Jan 9, 2015
Those speakers were at RMAF 2019 and sounded really clean with deep bass. Wow those side woofers have long excursion! Sat in the sweet spot for a few cuts of Rumours and really enjoyed the experience. Enjoy!


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