The Show 2019-Steve's Photos

First off I must commend the organizers for finally finding what I hope is the permanent location of THE Show. The drive for me was around an hour as I didn't stay at the hotel. The Hilton was lovely and by all accounts so were the guest rooms . The sound in each room wasn't bad at all. In fact some very good music was heard in some of the very small rooms. Case in point was Jonathan Tinn's room with his new speakers which sounded terrific. So also the small room upstairs by Alma Music which was showing the Wilson Tune Tot. The sound was terrific. Finally one last room I thought to be exceptional and that was the room of our very own Duke LeJeune and his Audiokinesis speakers. I loved the sound. Lastly one of my favorite small room set ups was that of Joe Cali who had an all Gryphon speaker and electronics set up. I heard it Friday and Saturday. Saturday was much better IMO

There were some very good rooms and some real disappointments for me such as the CH Precision room where there was racks full of Ch Precision gear and the sound level the old guy was playing at was so subdued that for me the room was underwhelming but more later

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Philip's wife Pandora brought with some beautiful art work of an artist that she represents. Some of these pictures cost more than the components on display


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