The Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Awards


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Aug 2, 2010
Pukalani, HI
The RIHPA2015 winners are:

CD Player: Aesthetix Romulus Signature
D/A Converter: PS Audio DirectStream
Music Servers and Computer Based Audio: AURALiC Aries
Mobile Player: PonoMusic PonoPlayer
Turntable: VPI Industries Classic Signature
Pickup Cartridge: Lyra Etna
Tonearm: VPI Industries JMW-3D
Phono stage: Rogers High Fidelity PA-1A
Integrated Amplifier: Devialet Expert 200
Preamplifier: Audio Research Reference 10
Stereo Power Amplifier: PS Audio BHK Signature 250
Mono Power Amplifier: Ayre Acoustics MX-R Twenty
Bookshelf Loudspeaker: KEF LS50
Floorstanding Loudspeaker: KEF Blade Two
Headphones: HiFiMan HE1000
Headphone Amplification: MOON by Simaudio Neo 430HA
Power Cable: AudioQuest NRG WEL Signature
Signal Cable Analogue: Nordost Valhalla 2
Signal Cable Digital: Atlas Mavros Ultra S/PDIF
Power Conditioner: IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius
Racks, Platforms & Supports: Harmonic Resolution Systems RXR Audio Stand
Best Audiophile Recording (Digital): Chesky Records, David Chesky & Jazz in the New Harmonic: Primal Scream
Best Audiophile Recording (Analogue): Analogue Productions, Roger Waters: Amused to Death
Innovation: Master Quality Authenticated MQA
Value for Money: AudioQuest JitterBug
Life Time Achievement: Dieter Burmester of Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH

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