The Lotus Group Now Represents SW1X Audio Design of England

Joe Cohen

Industry Expert
Jun 10, 2012
We are very proud to announce that The Lotus Group now represents SW1X of England. The designer, Slawa Roschkow is a huge proponent of Non oversampling, zero flittering R2R tube DACs. We have made the first sale ever of their Level V DAC. This will be custom DAC V Special with the following specifications:

  • · Non-oversampling – zero digital filtering DAC design
  • · Specially selected and harmonically matched component & material quality
  • · Discrete transistor shunt voltage regulated power supplies
  • · Dynamic Element Matching (DEM) powered by an asynchronous valve clock (vintage E180F and EAA91 tubes)
  • · Directly Heated Triodes valve output stage, DC-core signal output transformer coupled, zero negative feedback
  • · Passive I/V conversion via specially selected resistors
  • · Directly Heated double diode tube rectified CLCx2LC (3 x choke filtered) power supply
  • · Supports up to 24Bit/96kHz (optional up to 48 kHz only) digital coaxial S/PDIF signal input
  • · Pure copper chassis with panzer holz feet and 16mm panzer holz base
  • · XLR AES/EBU input and balanced XLR output
  • · Fine silver wiring in selected places
  • · Black Gate capacitors around TDA1541
  • · Black Gate capacitors in the HV power supplies in crucial places
  • · Super HiB DC-core mains transformers 3 x for digital and DHT/DHD power supplies
  • · Super HiB DC-core chokes for HV power supply
  • · Copper wound DC-core Super HiB signal output transformers
  • · Inter-stage signal decoupling capacitors: out of production Jensen Copper Foil in Oil in copper can
  • · Vintage NOS Globe 45 tubes
  • · 80 or 5Z3 tube rectifier
Needless to say we are quite excited. As with all finely handcrafted items there is a substantial lead time so I won’t be able to report on it for some months.

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