The fabulous Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cable


May 10, 2020
I am using the Fidelium with the Sopra 2 and it is a solid match, beat out my Atlas Mavros Grun by far in terms of clarity, midrange. Like a hazy layer had been removed. The bass is a little lighter than the Mavros, but more defined, and a better match in my case since the Sopra is quite bassey.


Sep 15, 2021
Regina Sk Canada
Hello everyone. I would like some input please, in regards to my gear and what others feel i may expect if possible? And also with connection issues if there may be any? I am running Sugden MPA-4 mono blocks, with Dynaudio Confidence 20 speakers. My current cables are .Madison Audio Lab E3Extreme2 Speaker Cables. They pair very well with Sugden and Dynaudio. Will the Fidelium cables be an upgrade?

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