The Eros Clone DIY Electrostatic Speaker

Hi All,

The exquisitely crafted speakers shown below were built by my online collaborator, Mervyn Tims.

I have a website (Jazzman's DIY Electrostatic Loudspeaker Page) dedicated to building electrostatic speakers, and I often receive requests for drawings of my (3) ESL designs. Most people take one look at my drawings and cringe at the amount work involved, and that's as far as they get. But every now and then someone surprises me and actually builds one. Such was the case with Mervyn Tims, and his beautiful new DIY speakers, which I believe are the only pair of their kind in existence.

I've only built two of my designs, so I was pleased to finally see the Eros Clone design actually built. It's called the 'Eros Clone' because it's compact transmission line woofer system was patterned on Roger Sanders' Eros speaker and it's overall design is similar except for the wire stators.

Mervyn has given me permission to post the pics below, and I'm sure you will be as impressed as I am with his craftsmanship. In the second photo, note that the cover is removed from the pocket that houses the segmentation resistor network (Mervyn's modification, and very neatly done).

merv 1.jpg merv 2.jpg
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