Thanksgiving Furries


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Luna is coming along very well indeed. After just 2 days in the cage, she was coming up to the front and wanting out.

Pearl is still a bit of a fraidy cat, but I am working with her.

I shall wrap Pearl again tonight and make a lap in my chair. Daisy will follow and Luna will investigate and then sit too


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Pearl is coming up on the chair by herself now, and winding around my ankles when I'm fixing their breakfast.

And Luna. Luna is stinkin' cute and will make someone a wonderful companion

My Daisy is so very patient with them. This is what my lap looks like every night after dinner.


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So. When the girls were trapped, they were in sad shape. Bad colds, eyes crusted shut... I got them after they were clear of the cold, but Luna was "hocking up a loogie" or trying to - yes, it sounded as awful as you think it sounds. Although I've put on the humidifier for her, she was still "snorking" this week. After a chat with a friend and googling "Nebulizer" and "Kitten Cold" - I cranked up the heat in the bathroom, took a hot shower to steam it up, and took both the vaporizer and Nebulizer, and the kitten into the bathroom with me. I put in a vial of albuterol, diluted it about 10x with saline, and directed the output at Luna.

I'd not thought the Nebulizer loud until I had it in the bathroom. Kitten was properly wary of it, so after the liquid was all gone, I turned it off and cranked up the Vaporizer. I think she understood what was going on, because the moisture laden air did help. *snort* *snort* *sneeze* and out came the mucus. Here's a photo of Luna sitting in the stream of moisture coming out of the Vaporizer. It cleared my lungs too. :D



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Well, I've been a little busy, but here's news on the little fluffies. They were picked up before Christmas and taken to the vets for their visit before the adoption event and the little tabby girl (Pearl) had a fever! So did the little black fluffy (Luna). So they got antibiotics and I got them back to nurse back to health. Pearl was also spayed - they considered that she was healthy enough for that. So... bonus! I had the kittens over Christmas and they kept me company and got in the way, trying to catch the mouse-pointer when I worked from home Christmas week!

Here they are having a little more lap time. Good news is that they were adopted together by a young couple at the rescue's last adoption event of the year. They had TEN Adoptions. TEN! Cats and kittens both. What a wonderful end to the year. :)

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