Teac X200R reel to reel deck- MINT. EE tape, auto reverse, dbx noise reduction

Curt Palme

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Jan 25, 2012
I managed to score one of those super rare deals, an almost once in a lifetime type thing. I've acquired a mint condition Teac X2000R reel to reel tape deck. This deck came from a planetarium, where it hadn't been used in over 20 years, according to the planetarium director that had been there for that time. While the deck has been sparingly used before that, there was a tiny bit of oxide on the pinch rollers, the heads and deck are overall in amazing shape. Zero marks on the faceplate, zero marks, oxide or wear on the heads. The deck needed exactly three things when I got it: The pinch roller mechanism was stuck due to non use. Very typical on decks like this. I cleaned and re-lubed it, it now moves freely. It needed a tiny bit of bias tweaking for Ampex 456 tape, and is completely flat to 20Khz as per my Nakamichi tape deck analyzer. Third, it has some adhesive residue on the top from an inventory sticker. All controls and switches are clean, and I've put 24 hours of use on it to make sure the whole deck is 100%. Asking $1300 OBO, a very fair price considering the lack of hours on the machine, and the fact that I'm a qualified RTR tech that has all the alignment tapes and tools to bring 100% performance out of these vintage decks. Comes with the original Teac NAB hubs and the unblemished original Teac black takeup reel. This is the deluxe version of the X2000, with auto reverse, EE tape capability and built in dbx noise reduction. Contact me at curtpalme at shaw.ca or via PM here.


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