TAD DA1000 click just before playback starts


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Sep 9, 2015
London, UK
My TAD DA1000 makes a clicking sound (it sounds to me like a relay engaging but I'm not sure) that i can hear just before (circa 0.5 seconds) the DA1000 starts playing a track and just after it stops. I mostly use it to play music via the USB input but this occurs with optical inputs not just the USB. From what i can see, the click sounds when the DA1000 display changes from -- to the frequency of the sound file, e.g., 96 or 192. Has anyone experienced this with their DA1000? is this a fault? I'd be grateful for your feedback and advice
Dec 12, 2012
I don't know whether that noise is normal or not for your model DAC, but it's possible that the DAC's output muting circuit is not functioning properly, assuming that it has one. The designers may have simply omitted a muting circuit as these have developed a reputation for sometimes degrading the sound. I have an homebrew DAC without a muting circuit and it makes a brief and muffled 'tick' sound after a CD in the connected transport has finished loading it's table-of-contents.

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