SVS PB-1000 Pro: at most 40 cm deep (aka 15.748 inch), ported, alternative?


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Feb 8, 2022
What is the best alternative to SVS PB-1000 Pro? I need it to be no deeper than 40 cm (aka 15.748 inch) and ported

budget: 800 EURO or 920$
location: Europe, Romania

From esthetical PoV I can't position SVS PB-1000 Pro otherwise but only with its back toward a wall (for the cables behind not to be visible) and its front toward the sofa; that's not negotiable (I have a wife ... :)).

PS: not even 1 mm or fraction of inch deeper :)
PS: I accept smaller drives and/or power but the response frequency should be at least 40Hz
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