StreamFidelitys Setup

With my first post I would like to introduce my setup. :)

The listening room is in a separate area with a nice view of the garden. The room is open to the rear of the living room.

Absorbers are located on the walls to limit the side wall reflections. With curtains, carpets, etc., the reverberation times are just right for me. The reverberation times would be too long for a studio, but that was not the goal.

My setup is geared towards streaming. I prefer direct routes. The power amplifiers are controlled directly by the Denafrips Terminator DAC. A bit unusual since there is no preamplifier. With the excellent algorithms of the HQPlayer, the digital volume control is a pleasure.

Denafrips Terminator

T + A M10

Sonus Faber Amati Futura

The components

Thanks for your interest. I look forward to discussions and suggestions.

Cheers Gabriel
Apr 11, 2020
Nice, clean, well-thought-out system!


Feb 4, 2014
Sonus Faber do make the most beautiful speakers, nice system !


Well-Known Member
Dec 7, 2011
North Shore of Boston
Welcome to the forum. Your room looks very comfortable and those speakers are gorgeous. Do you listen with the curtains closed because of the glass?
Thank all for the nice comments.
Do you listen with the curtains closed because of the glass?
The curtains are open during the day because I love to look into nature. The more intensive listening to music takes place in the evening. With the curtains closed, the timbres increase.
Minor changes
... but some costs
... luckily combined with an increase in sound! :D

The JCAT PCIe Cards USB XE & NET Femto are supplied with clean 5V power by the JCAT OPTIMO 3 DUO. That brought a boost more blackness and stage into the sound.

The Denafrips Terminator has been replaced by the Denafrips Terminator Plus. A masterpiece! The details and instrument location increased. It feels like the bass goes one floor lower without being imprecise. The timbres have increased. A dream. But it took 300 hours of burn-in time before it sounded like it does now!

My complete setup



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Mar 28, 2017
Very nice system. Based on your choices i bet the sound is very rich.

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