Stereo System/Subwoofer Matching/Inegration/Connection

Feb 21, 2015
To Whom it Might Generate Interest:

I am in the process of "building" a secondary stereo system, the left and right channel monitors of which are "Audience Audio", Clairaudient 1+1 V2+'s...and wish to augment the limited bass response of these little jewels with one, or two, subwoofers. Ultimately, I await a monitor specific, dedicated active crossover to become available for these limited freq. range monitors, however, until then, would be forced to connect the subwoofer(s) to the line level outputs of my integrated amplifier, OR use speaker-level output into the subwoofer(s)...

The subwoofers under current consideration:

REL Audio T/5i or perhaps T/7i,
JL Audio Dominion series, D108, or D110

I am attempting to determine which subwoofer design would best integrate with my 1+1 monitors, maximize my system in general, and ultimately create the most "musical" stereo system...

Exclusively music listening, currently: primarily small ensemble instrumental, a capella renaissance vocal music, HOWEVER, would like "full" frequency range in order to listen to large Orchestral/Orchestral Choral works, if not pipe organ music.

Currently listening in relatively small space, (11' x 12' x 8'), however, this system may move into a larger space...

I look forward to your responses/suggestions/advice...

Thank you.


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