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Bruce B

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Apr 26, 2010
Seattle, WA
I will have to disagree with the article. You can set up a mid/side matrix and what I like to do is widen the mix until I can hear the effect, and then notch it back a little. There are some pretty convincing ways to do it. I will agree that I have never heard a plugin that makes it convincing.

I did it on the Sheffield Drum and Track album to bring up the room sound.


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Jun 23, 2010
Monument, CO
I was hoping you would chime in... IME/IMO (limited, especially where plug-ins are concerned) much of the problem is that folk overuse and over apply them (same is true of many effects no matter how generated). Similar to what you said, "If you hear it, it's too loud!" is what my first mastering mentor would often say about effects. Reverb is on that list...

I thought the article targeted plug-ins but skimmed it quickly over lunch'ish.

Aside: I have used M-S mics to good effect though normally just throw up my X-Y adapter. Lazy, too cheap to buy mics with M-S capsules, or get the extra mics placed, etc.