Square D QO Panel Recall


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Feb 4, 2019
Some people have heard there is a Square D QO panel recall. These are good panels. I specify and provide them for clients all the time.

I have gone to the Schneider Electric (Square D) website and found the recall is based upon "The wire binding screw within the lug body could potentially not be torqued properly to the Plug-on-Neutral bar".

See the attached 2 images. Look where my drive is set. This is the screw. There are 2. One on each side of the panel.

Use a T20 Torx wrench and check the screw is tight. In the next day or so I will get the actual torque.

I assume most people won’t have a calibrated torque wrench. Try and turn the screw with a hand driver such as in the image. If it feels tight and won’t move it is fine. If it starts to screw in, continue until it lands tight, and then use firm force to set it in place. I use 2 hands and nudge it tight.

This is a very safe panel. It is one of the best affordable panels for audiophile to use. Especially when the ground and neutral is changed to copper. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



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Jun 7, 2017
Did they issue a field replacement part / service bulletin? Doesn't seem like such a big repair....

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