Sonner Audio - an Introduction


Industry Expert
Aug 26, 2013
Arlington, TX
I first heard about Sonner Audio from Sean (of Zero Fidelity) about a year ago. Sean saw that AMR was being used in his room and had to pop his head in and ended up impressed enough to recommend me opening discussions for representation. At that point in time, Sonner only had the Allegro Unum model, a $10,000 pair of two-way stand-mounts (stands included). Gunny shipped me a pair with the stands to test out and in a few days they were here ready to play.

I'll readily admit that I've often found faults with every ring radiator tweeter I've heard. It isn't the tweeter so much as it is the integration with the midwoofer. I've heard a few manufacturers do this extremely well but they were more the exception than the rule. The Sonner speakers are definitely fall into the 'exception' cagetory. After spending some time talking with Gunny and understanding the design philosophy and how to properly set them up, we were cooking. The sound was incredible! I immediately agreed to represent him even though the five figure monitor market in Texas isn't as big as it is in other areas of our country.

Now, Sonner Audio has released a new product line called the Legato. It includes the Unum, Semis, and Duo with pricing between $5500 to $8500. With the unique leather baffles that magnetically connect to the speaker, they definitely have a unique appearance. I now have all three models in on demo and am again very impressed with what I am hearing.

What is my favorite thing about these speakers? The fact that Gunny is a single-ended fanatic. Why? This means that they pair very well with MastersounD and don't need a hefty amount of power to open up. They also do well close to a wall, so pair single ended amps and Sonner speakers in a smaller room and you have a recipe for magic.

My point here is to introduce the brand. Gunny had an excellent showing at AXPONA and impressed even more when he came down to help me at LSAF. These guys have been building speakers for decades and its obvious they know their way around a speaker once you hear them. This is an American company out of New Hampshire that I expect we will be seeing do great things in the years to come.

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