Shout out to KingRex for electrical help


Nov 30, 2020
Just wanted to share a very positive experience I had with Rex Hungerford aka KingRex, an audiophile who is an electrician. I had a consultation with
him and told him that I already spent many thousands of $ on electrical work with very limited results. Note I had since bought a Stromtank 2500 (to remove me from the grid) to help me and it did. As of now I have only a Boulder 2160 amp on the grid with a 240v line. Rex is very honest and will not recommend any work if he thinks there nothing significant to improve. He said there were a few weak spots in my electrical that would benefit me, for example an aluminum wire line feeding my sub panel, also my sub panel was not fully isolated to just my audio gear. So he proceeded to recommend user a copper wire from main panel to feed a new sub panel modified by him just for my audio. He came to my house and worked along side my electrician and worked his magic. See picture. With only the amp on the grid I was pleasantly surprised that my noise floor dropped and the music flowed with more ease, a significant improvement. I am now done with my electrical and know it is not limiting me. I wish I used him before my previous very expensive work was performed. Highly recommended. You start with a consult and he will let you know if he can help. The consult is cheap and most any work he would perform would be much less than component purchases and helps u realize the full potential of your electronics.

I do not post often but felt like communicating this if it can help others.


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Nov 4, 2019
I agree. I’m really happy I went with Rex from the get-go.

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