SFORZATO Introduces unique modern Network Players, DAC and Master Clock

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Here I want to introduce to our community a new interesting brand that has not yet been in the US.

SFORZATO is a Japanese manufacturer of Hi-End Network Stream Players (DAC) and Master Clocks.
All Sforzato products are designed and manufactured according to the Top Hi-End Audio concept.
The main idea of the brand is to achieve maximum musical expression with the help of maximum sound quality.

The new generation of Sforzato network players are equipped with powerful modern CPU that natively supports all formats PCM 768 kHz and DSD512, are Roon Ready, MQA certified and support streaming services TIDAL and Qobuz, and is ready for any development in the future.

Sforzato DSP-010EX.jpg

Sforzato DSP-030EX.jpg

Sforzato DSP-050EX.jpg


Players use custom‐made software to achieve excellent sound quality via Ethernet (LAN) connection and D/A conversion.
In addition to custom firmware, special attention is paid to three things:

1. Transmitting all music data in native formats without any processing or conversions.
Support of NON−OVERSAMPLING playback, as a result, the sound remains more natural.

2. Precision Master Clock technology provides a pure clock with minuscule phase noise, dramatically improving all digital audio devices with 10MHz clock input. Sforzato has a large line of Master Clock generators of various levels, up to the ultimate level.
As well as models implemented on different types of crystals - quartz and rubidium.

3. Powerful, well-tuned, fully separated external linear power supplies.
For example external LPS of DSP-010EX has 7 separate power transformers and 21 independent regulated power lines! Weighing 17 kg.

SFZ DSP-010EX rear.jpg
Sforzato DSP-010EX set
Sforzato DSP-030EX
SFZ DSP-010EX PS.jpg
Sforzato Power Supply DSP-010EX
Sforzato PMC-010EX

Sforzato is one of the few players that supports DIRETTA – completely new network protocol designed for Hi−End Audio.
Diretta uses a software approach to reduce noise and inrush current during data transmission.
The network player SFORZATO, using the Diretta protocol, realizes the LAN DAC function, which allows playing music from a PC via Sforzato player over a network or even directly (bypassing a router).

One of Sforzato's last big achievements in collaboration with SoulNote was their joint patented ZERO LINK technology.
The main idea of ZERO LINK is very simple and is that you don't have to do anything extra! This is a guarantee of quality music and sound.

The key of ZERO LINK is that the Master Clock is the DAC, not the Transport as usual.
The main purpose of the ZERO LINK connection between the transport and the DAC is to eliminate anything that runs asynchronously with the DAC clock and that is a source of noise for the DAC, which runs in sync with the D/A conversion clock.
More about it here: https://alexsoundtech.com/sfz/zerolink

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