RIP Greg Lake ... from ELP

Steve Williams

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May 23, 2010
I always was a big fan of Greg and King Crimson,ELP. I even named my dog "King Crimson dai Bando" aka "Bando"

RIP Greg...


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Apr 20, 2010
I always was a big fan of Greg and King Crimson,ELP. I even named my dog "King Crimson dai Bando" aka "Bando"

RIP Greg...
We lost 2/3 of the real ELP this year.. Sad News indeed... I am a huge Fan , never saw them in concert.. Almost went to a Emerson , Lake and Powell concert but somehow the "Powell" in the concert didn't seem quite right to me .. so I didn't go. perhaps I should have had.. :(

Ron Party

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Apr 30, 2010
Oakland, CA
What a voice.

From The Beginning was one of the first songs I learned to play on guitar. And ITCOTKC is one of the greatest albums, not just prog, of all time.
Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
I only saw them once at a concert in Toronto in 1971 when they were peaking. I still remember it to this day.
Same year here, but in Montreal:

• Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1970)
• Tarkus (1971)
• Pictures at an Exhibition (1971)
• Trilogy (1972)
• Brain Salad Surgery (1973)

I remember very well when I bought their first LP album, in 1970; it was in a basement of a neighbor who was selling audio equipment, music albums, and some sweets too (food products). His name was Sylvio Dupuis. The other ELP albums above I bought from my local Woolworth store. A young girl working there I used to go with, a pretty girlfriend with lots of good lovin' from a good humble family. Later on I met Roxane, from a high end family; her dad was a doctor surgeon, and her mom a nurse I believe. They had a big nice house in a nice chic neighborhood. We were together for three years. During that time, her dad had a car accident and died. That was one very tough event for her.

ELP is a trampoline of many other memories of the early 70s. Those I cherish among some of the best, innocent youth, world of exploration; love, drugs, school, family and friends relations. The more I go back down memory lane from that era the closer I am to the people from back then, the closer I am to the music I listened and loved and to the musicians and to me too. Those moments in time with the people we used to hang out with and the things we did and the music we listened to are part of what today we are, very much so.
ELP was and still is a big part of it ... R.I.P. Greg, and Keith
A very sad day and big loss for the music world. RIP Greg...

Johnny Vinyl

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May 16, 2010
Calgary, AB
August 26, 1977 .......released in 1979.

ELP - In Concert KOREA.JPG

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