RIP Dicky Betts


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Apr 1, 2021
RIP one of the greatest slides ever to run glass down strings. May he be free, peaceful and find joy….
I had the great fortune to see him play a few times. What a legend!

Been spinning lots all day in fare-thee-well….
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Another loss of a great musician. Dickey held the band together after Duane's death.
not sure what held anyone together in that band
On tidal they have live performances
One of the best I’ve found as recorded 2003
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There were the first live band when I was 16 or 17
Seen them and led zep in nyc square garden
think Duane was gone already not sure
this album has a singer guitarist forgot his name
but to me the best most memorable Album
The jams on this had my bald head bagging while
I worked in my home. just put me back decades
seen them many times walked out once in nyc uptown live show
They were two songs until I could recognize a song
most times they start with states borough blues
always will love that band
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RIP. I saw the Allman Brothers Band 7 times with him. He was particularly incredible during the concert at Carnegie Hall a few weeks after Duane passed away in 1971

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