Replaced blown woofer in an A/D/S L620 gen 2. It's not a robust as the other!

Sep 23, 2018
Bought a pair a of metal grilled A/D/S L620's know one cab had a blown woofer. I had ohmed out the good one to satisfaction, and bad one indeed was dead, maybe blown voice coil, etc. Bought the exact same part number woofer from ebay, and upon firing up my NAD amp noticed the right speaker needed me to advance the balance control to 1 o'clock for both speakers to sound about equal. I will try other methods like swapping speaker leads around, swapping the rear terminal/crossovers, etc. to see what gives. Anybody out there have any plausible explanations for what I'm seeing, rather hearing! I realize that's what the balance control is for, but all flat is how I grew up to understand how the setup should be. Thank you...this site is tremendous by the way!!!


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Oct 5, 2015
Sofia, Bulgaria
Check the connection polarity of the new installed woofer - must match the old one. Sometimes, depend of the crossover and overall speaker designs, drivers are connected with reverse electrical polarity . You need to follow the original design. Aged crossover elements or woofers itself can be reasons for the unbalanced sound too.

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