PranaWire Arhat Jumper Cable Set for ALSYVOX Planar Speakers

Joe Cohen

Industry Expert
Jun 10, 2012
Our French distributor has sent us a report on the set of PranaWire Arhat jumper cables we made for the ALSYVOX planar speakers:


I warm up the audio system for 7 hours and may be the cables required more burn in to deliver the best.
The sound of the cables taken as a whole, is really what I asked, ultra detailed but more important neutrality a sense of body, 3 D imaging is really rewarding.
Ambiant cues are sprayed into the audio room very much like in a real concert hall, absolutely stunning.
The sounds at far end of the orchestra are very precise, without any curtain effect.
I find the treble and midrange a little more extended than the first time I received them, probably due that all cable are now in the right direction. (Directional arrows were missing from the first iteration. We also added a stiffener so the cables would maintain a pleasing curve. Gauge for the bass jumpers was increased. JC)
This gives a sense of naturalness but also a perfect restitution on some voice that can « overload » a bit with lesser cable, eg. Youn Sun Nah Voyage - track My Bye at 2min 30. Impressive, having such voice at home is what is ultra high end sense!
The new bass jumpers are worth the idea to have more gauge. Bass have more weight, is more dynamic and seems to contain lower frequencies that were a touch decreased on the previous smaller gauge.
On drums, piano, guitar and cellos for examples, the lower range of frequencies is really a wonder now on the full ribbon speakers.
I also listened to contemporary music, not so easy to play, and it’s an immersion in the performance. Music seems purer and with less audio artifacts, that detracts for a live performance.

Thank you very much for putting all your talent in this cable project.

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