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Aug 28, 2018
Seattle, WA
Hello WBF

Is it the opinion power in front of the wall is more important than behind the wall? We have read interpretations that the last six feet are the most critical, you can power cable and condition your way into great sound, but what about further back the pipe line?

Some guys run single dedicated circuits, others run multiple circuits. Some run into the inevitable ground loop issues with multiple circuits, others don’t, some filter claiming better performance.

Lots of variables, I know. So with that understanding, what’s your cup of tea? How are you supporting what you hear in terms of power, and whats important to you?

Thanks in advance for any response!


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Oct 1, 2020
I have trouble with that concept as well.. The last 6 feet, when all that romex, aluminum feeds, et all is out in front..
Yet what ultimately counts is what we plug in the wall that matters.. I don’t have the caliber of equipment and extreme measures many on here use, but I can control the basics that are important in clean power.. I have a 20 amp dedicated line for my system, I balanced the power phases in the breaker box, and put the line I’m using for audio away from the more harmful noisy lines, such as the kitchen, utility room, etc.. using the quieter phase, that is used in the bedrooms, etc..
The real fix for me is a Balanced Power Isolation Transformer just before my equipment.. CMR cleans up much of the “Noise”. So using a proper sized dedicated Line, BPIT and a descent Power cable can make a nice difference, IME

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