Pool Table between speakers and listening position


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May 8, 2010
I recently got back into playing pool again after 30+ years of playing sparingly. I am in the process of buying a 9’ Olhausen table which I intend to setup between my incoming horn speakers and the listening position.

I don’t have any other room in our basement to set it up but want it badly enough that I am willing to somehow sacrifice an audio setup. I have a dedicated room where I have my Magico speakers setup and my line of thinking now is - if I want to listen to these horns more seriously, I could swap or move it anyway.

I never owned horn speakers before and wondering how it gets affected by the room or what’s in the room. The pool table is 32” tall and 111 by 61. I can set it up either with the long side or the narrow side facing the speakers, and wondering which will have more adverse effect sonically.

will covering it with cloth or sound absorbing material help?

opinion/suggestion will be appreciated.
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Aug 25, 2010
Well it all depends on how you will listening. Background music who cares. Serious stereo listening could be an issue if the pool table is between you and the speakers. How high is the center of the midrange horn off the floor?? If it's above the top of the pool table it my not be that bad depending on seated height. The bottom line is you want to have an un obstructed view of the speakers from you listening position.

The other issue is speaker placement. If the pool table position prevents you from optimum speaker placement then obviously it's an issue. I would place the speakers first and then try to work in the table.

Good Luck! Nice speakers!

Rob :)

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