Photo Highlights Of California Audio Show 2011

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Well this was truly a labor of love. I took several hundred pictures and narrowed them down to 109 of the best and then had to resize all of the photos. I will try to add some comments along the way

My vote for the Best Sound at the show came from Music Lovers in Berkeley/San Francisco. Jae and Hugh IMO rose to the top of the pack. This room was so large that in order to get both main speakers in the photo I had to sit way at the back of the room. The speakers were probably 25 feet apart and the soundstage was as magnificent as anything I have ever heard. The room was dialed in by Dr Keith Johnson as well as 4 hours of speaker placement refinement by Hugh

Thor's Hammer

Aesthetix front end


Maxx lll's

Jae spinning some music



May 7, 2010
Marina del Rey, CA
thanks for the pics Steve.

how was the Ayon room? I thought the amps looked a bit garish in person (and much, much larger than online photos), but they were in a really small room in Newport, so didn't get any sweet spot action.

I'm not sure how anyone with Magico Minis could sell them for the Q1s. that is a bit of an ugly duckling compared to one of the most beautiful speakers i've ever seen in person.

Steve Williams

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My good friend Jonathan Tinn's room. Unfortunately no Wave Kinetics however these Evolution MicroMini One's at $2K/pair was IMO the best deal at the show

The man himself


Steve Williams

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A seminar of Recording Artists and my good friend Andreas Koch from Playback Designs on DSD, the past, present and the future


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