Phoenix AZ Area Speakerfest June 29, 2019!

May 16, 2010
More info and see photos below.

Speakerfest 2019 is upon us.
ATC model 40s will be present along with new dealer Tom Rothermel of the VinylValet.
Sean Casey, founder of ZU Audio will be present for small talk. We now know the speaker he is providing is the Soul Supreme model at $4,499.
One of the D'Agostino group will be present as well.
Sadly Clayton Marshall of Spatial cannot make it. The great news is that we have an M3 prototype that employs his brand new cone treatment. So new it will not even be painted and barely arrive on time!!

Two or three of these products are making there National
Debut at out event!! - Including Dan D"Agostino's New Progression 300 Integrated Amp!

Everyone is welcome to arrive as early as the scheduled opening at 10am and stay until 4pm. flyer.jpg  th 10e.jpg  th 10e.jpg flyer.jpg


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Jun 13, 2013
E. England
I can't be there (unfortunately thousands of miles away), but fingers crossed for the Zus.

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