Oppo 105 Review


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Jul 14, 2013
May I give a Barry review of the Oppo 105, which I have had since January? And this comes from the school of “I don’t know nothing about measuring equipment, Miss Scarlett. I only go with what is on the screen and what is coming out of the speakers. I have been without my "major" SACD player, the Krell Cipher, and I should get that on Wednesday. Not having a CD player has me playing more with home theatre than usual.

On my system I have also had the Oppo 95, The Pioneer Elite 05 and 09, a Sony and a Denon, whose numbers I have forgotten.

First off, it beats all those units, except the 95, cold. First, it loads faster thank god! Even a bit faster than the 95. The color, contrast and detail are so superior to the Sony, Denon and especially Pioneer, with which I was particularly disappointed.

Simply, the Oppo is the best I have seen and used. And it's quick and easy!

The sound is another issue and it is unbelievably great there. I have listened to discs with DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, LPCM and Dolby Digital and I am surprised how well everything sounds and it certainly is a step up from the Oppo 95. Without a doubt, I felt that the DTS sounded the best followed by Dolby True HD But a close runner up to Dolby HD was the LPCM. Now ten years ago I would have told you the DD 5.1 sounded great, but now, in comparison is sounds a bit dull and lifeless and, on some discs, going from DD 5.1 to LPCM is a step up.

Now that I got my SVS subwoofers, I am so appreciating the bass levels and separation even more. And I am enjoying “movie music” too. I am not so much watching the end credits but listening to them

I have not gotten to the Advanced Picture Control and 2D to 3D conversion, but will try them and posit when I do. I should get my Cipher on Wednesday and I will compare the SACD and CD audio to that in good time. It’s hot and I am in my no “futzing” around mood, I just want to watch and listen.

There is a PS here. When I first got this, the Oppo did not communicate well with the Krell. The Krell people said it was the Oppo and the Oppo People said it was the Krell. In there five emails to me, Oppo gave me several solutions and this,

“If the Krell is introducing the error in the chain, then this issue needs to either be addressed through firmware from Krell (we have had customers update their Krell S-1200 in the past to resolve issues related to poor HDMI handshakes) or through additional firmware releases through our player itself.

Ensure that the Krell has the latest firmware release installed. It is possible that the firmware on the Krell is out of date and needs to be upgraded.”

The Oppo technical crew were available, helpful and persistent. You could not ask for better service.

The Pioneer Tech support was just the opposite and really didn’t know their product, they read off their computers when I had a problem a year or so ago.

By the way, the trouble was in the Krell. But this is the third time a NEW product had trouble talking to the different systems I have had.
Apr 3, 2010
Seattle, WA
Welcome to the forum and thanks for taking the time to write that review! HDMI problems are always tricky to resolve without instrumentation. Either the player or the processor could be doing things wrong. Unfortunately the analyzers are quite expensive (ours was around $3,000) so no one has them around to test with. We could not live without ours though. We routinely find HDMI products to be in non-compliance and we are only able to prove our case with the analyzer output. Otherwise it is always finger pointing.

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