October 12 Meeting - The Pacific Northwest Audio Society


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Aug 3, 2010
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October 11 Meeting - The Pacific Northwest Audio Society

October 11th, 2012 - The Speaker Contestants Meet Z-Infinity

This month we have a very interesting combination. Our 2012 speaker contest winners and runners up will be bringing in their speakers for us to listen to. We'll play some of the judge’s selections from the contest. We also have Zsolt Mathe of Z-Infinity demonstrating his tube based preamp and amplifiers. We'll hear the Z-Infinity amps through the club speakers as well as the speaker contest speakers.

Zsolt Mathe, founder of Z-Infinity Audio has had an early passion for music and electronics. Growing up in Europe, he was educated in a music school while building his first electronic amplifiers at an age of 12. When he moved to the Pacific Northwest, he studied at University of Washington earning degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Physics and Math. When he established Z-Infinity Audio he wanted to bring the heritage of what he learned growing up in Europe – both from his music and engineering education. As such, he applies these principles when building each Z-Infinity amplifier to ensure that they are musically excellent, simple and employ proven designs that stand the test of time.


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