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Nov 2, 2015
Hi everyone,

Any thoughts on the new Mac Mini? I'm considering building a server. Wondering if this would be good for the application and superior to the old one or a normal NUC.

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Dec 27, 2015
What is new about it? More speed I guess, and better video card. None of which you need unless you are up sampling to DSD.

I have built a Mac Mini server on a 2015 model. But it needs the internal SMPS taking out and converting to 12V DC and buy a LPS for clean power.
Then you need more memory, an SSD, and to strip the system back for just pure music use.

Once that is done, the Mac Mini can compete with a 3-5K music server such as the Aurender models. I like the way I can use Roon, and control the system, not be boxed in to a server built in plater and settings.

My Mac Mini optimised as above came in less than 1K so a good saving. I use Ehternet to screen share it to my iMac, but you can screen share to an iPad or use a cheap PC monitor.

Hope this helps.

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