Newest arrivals from CJ- Classic Series

Big Dog RJ

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Feb 3, 2012
G'day mates, trust your 2017 is looking promising so far...
Nearly a month has already kicked off and CJ are already on the band wagon.

Looks like two new amps in the Classic Line up- Classic 60 version two; and another version offering 120w. According to CJ, both can be ordered in SE version with KT120's for that added finesse and oomph. They sure look awesome and another classic design indeed!

Just wondering whether any of you have come across these amps or auditioned, if so what are your impressions?

Not yet available in Aussie land though, and when they arrive I am sure they will be quite pricey. The new 120w version with EL34's reminds me of the superb ARTsa in triode, one outstanding amplifier that will bring out the very best in terms of musicality and resolution. If this is an "affordable" ARTsa of somewhat similar standards, also offered in SE version, that is sure to be a winner in my opinion, without a lofty spend! (for mostly the US market, sadly humble folks down unda will not benefit).

Anyway, when these land down unda, I can bet they're going to be north of 15 grand, so the previous line up would have to go for clearance prices, if at all. The only dealer in Melbourne still has a few older versions remaining in stock, mostly as demo models, with warranty hence should be a good deal for anyone interested in our part of the woods.

Interesting to see what these new amps are capable of and how far would they improve the overall sound, reproducing music in its most "natural" form.
Cheers to these Classics!

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