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Dec 7, 2011
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I have long enjoyed the Janaki String Trio LP recording by Yarlung Records. However, the 45 RPM LP does not contain some music by Beethoven that is on the Janaki CD. Member Al M. just sent me this link and I ordered the LP. I was not aware that this even exists and I can not find the listing on the Yarlung website. It seems that one must own both 45 RPM LPs to have the music contained on the one CD.

Does anyone here own this LP? I presume the sonics are as good as the original LP, but I really don't know. Thanks Al.

Mike Lavigne

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Apr 25, 2010
it's a brand new 45rpm pressing. i've ordered it but it's not yet arrived. would expect it to be outstanding like the other one.

i do own both the Quad dsd (4xdsd) plus the the 88.2/24 file (the CD is sourced from this file) versions that includes the Beethoven piece; which is outstanding. that same 88/24 file is on Quboz.....the 88.2/24 file is better. the Quad dsd is much better......although does not include the Beethoven piece.

the vinyl pressing of the earlier 45 still smokes the Quad dsd. i don't own the tape, but have considered buying it.
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May 25, 2010
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I have the 15ips 2 track tape of the Janaki String Trio which has two of the movements of the Beethoven (the middle two movements of the four). It was one of the early releases on tape that Bob Attiyeh did. The Beethoven was part of the recording sessions that he did with them back in 2006. I have all of the tapes that Yarlung has released, but only have a couple of their LP's and one CD. Since a single tape only allows a bit more than 30 minutes of music, Bob made the decision to include more pieces, rather than devote more of the tape to just the Beethoven.

The Janaki Trio disbanded a few years ago. They had met as students at Coburn in LA. We have known the violist, Katie Kadarauch for close to 30 years. She grew up in our town and my daughter and she were members of the Oakland Youth Orchestra. We used to car pool together. Katie was in 5th or 6th grade and her first year was the principal cellist. The second year she became the principal second violin. Then she went across the bay to join the SF Youth Orchestra and became the principal violist! She has been the assistant principal violist for the San Francisco Symphony since 2007, joining the orchestra in her mid 20's.


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