NEW Crosszone CZ-1 Headphones >>> Breakthrough ???


Headphone user
Dec 9, 2012
Cleveland TN.
In a word, no. A good, properly tuned headphone, mated with good recordings, sounds as natural as good live music, but few people have experienced it because premium headphones are generally tuned to a machine spec rather than a natural sound. Very few audiophiles know how simple changes in frequency response can make astounding differences in soundstage. Speaker sound is a fiction, not an ideal. Realistically, the better, wiser recording engineers have known for many years now that headphones dominate the listening spectrum, and as time goes on it's becoming more that way. And that's why many recordings have become available that sound better on headphones. I have a Duke Ellington double-CD (Indigos, on gold CD) that was recorded before 1960 yet sounds spectacular in stereo on headphones (my headphones), because the guys who remastered that particular edition knew how to master for best sound and stereo image.

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